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Sarah chewed on her lip as he spoke, taking her eyes him for a mere second. “I told you I didn’t want to do this, you heard me. I really don’t. But it’s an order, and I have to.”

She shook her head. “There’s only two outcomes- you kill me and walk out alive, or I kill you and finish my job. Wait- three. We kill each other and my job’s finished. Two of the three end with you dying.” She took a deep breath to steady herself, aiming the gun at his chest. 

"So what’s it gonna be?"

"You don’t have to do this." He repeated, as if she’d believe it if he said it enough times.

He was starting to get dizzy already - whether it was from blood loss or nerves, he didn’t know, but neither did he want to find out if it was actually the former.

He could feel his alternate persona rising; he wanted survival, but Sebastian wanted something more than that, which he wouldn’t be able to do if his other persona started asserting himself. And so he also had to do something before his two personas started to bleed into each other, as they often did in these kinds of situations.

So it was now or never.

"Wrong. There’s a fourth outcome. Everybody lives."

He dropped the laptop, lunging forward, grabbing her arm, trying to twist the gun away from the both of them.


"Yes it is." 

She didn’t expect him to react like that, the girl’s eyes narrowing slightly. She had never been one to screw up a kill badly. 

"Come on, Barton. It’ll be quick, I swear. I did pretty well in lessons- after all, you did help teach me."

Part of her was curious- why didn’t he try to disarm her earlier, why didn’t he turn to check what she was doing? Was it sentimental? That was her leading theory at the moment. 

"Why shouldn’t I?"

She was still pointing the gun at him, but it didn’t seem like she’d be shooting it again too soon - at least, he hoped. He took the chance to feel at where the bullet had entered, barely stifling a hiss of pain as the contact burned.

The fact that he was still breathing normally meant that the bullet had ricocheted of a rib rather than sunk itself a few inches into his lung. It wasn’t deep, but he’d bleed to death eventually from a wound like this.

"Why not? Look at yourself - I can see it, you regret this. You’re hesitating. Your trigger finger isn’t steady. You never took the chance after the first bullet to shoot me again and finish me off. And that’s understandable - you’re being ordered to shoot a comrade."

And then, adding to that:

"I have no intention of dying here, Sarah. I’ve made promises that I need to keep. But I don’t intend to hurt you either."


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"Barton, really. Even if I didn’t have to do this, I would, because it’s for the greater good."

In any circumstance he would’ve ended up targeted. She was just speeding along the process.

You don’t believe it’s for the greater good, a small voice whispered in her head. It’s because of Jeremy.

Sarah shook away those thoughts. If it’d only been for him, she would’ve done a runner after he died. It had been years, and she was still here.


And she pulled the trigger.

"Is it really?"

He didn’t have time to say much else - all he could do was react. As she pulled the trigger, he swung himself around completely, lifting the laptop in front of him and kicking himself across the floor.

But he was slow - his reflexes weren’t as quick as they’d used to, and emotion was clouding over his choices. The soldier in him was telling him to attack Sarah, but he himself was screaming to defend himself and try to talk some sense into her.

The bullet smashed point blank into the laptop, going right through it and hitting him on the left side of his chest as opposed to his head as he slid across the room, coming to an abrupt and painful stop against the wall.

Get up, He told himself, before the pain sets in and all you can do is sit there - she has more bullets and likely won’t hesitate to shoot you again! Just. Get. Up.

And so he did, leaning heavily against the wall for support, still clutching the laptop, now reduced to a useless hunk of metal.

"Don’t…don’t do this, Sarah."


Comprehension flashed across her features briefly before they settled into an expression of understanding. “But you got to choose,” she pointed out. “I didn’t have any choice.”


"That’s true, but-" He bit his lip, having definitely not explained himself well enough, "-a few times, I didn’t. I’m an entity that’s completely out of sync with the rest of the universe, so my timeline’s got fixed points. Whenever they happen, there’s this nagging feeling in the back of my head - even if I’d tried to move from that time period or do something different, I wouldn’t have been able to."


"But now you are."


"It doesn’t matter. Even if no one else remembers what I did, I still do. Even if I try to, I can’t call myself good."



"I do want you to know I’m not- I’m not happy I’m the one who has to do this. But at least it’s gonna be quick, right?" she offered sweetly, keeping her eyes fixed on him.

"But you do what you’re ordered to, right? And my new orders were to take you out of the equation." Sarah let out a bitter laugh. "Can’t have Romanoff and my old man getting you to help them, you know?"

She took a step closer to him, pressing the gun against his head. “Now stay still, okay? It’ll be less of a mess.”

There was a gun in his face. Again. Somehow he always managed to get into situations like this.

"I used to take orders and nothing else, Sarah, a long time ago. Wanna know what happened when I started to question those orders?" His expression was serious, eyes flashing; there was anger in them, but not directed at Sarah. "I blew up the base of the bastards that tried to tell me to kill my family."

Sebastian tried not to glance down at the laptop he held; hopefully she wouldn’t realize he was planning to use it as a shield if he couldn’t talk her out of this.

"You don’t have to do this."



Sarah listened attentively, nodding a little. “You’re so- good, you see that, right? Trying to be good and do good and all that. You’ve got to be, the way you handle things.”

"The key word is try. My goal - the purpose I was going for - yes, that was for what I thought was good. The things I did trying to get there…no. They were so far from doing good.”



A frown appeared on her pale face, confusion spreading across her features. “But isn’t this your time?” she asked softly, gesturing to the world around her. “I thought that’s what you told me.”

"The thing is…" He hesitated, just slightly, "I don’t belong to any set time. Not too long ago, I decided to stay in this time period permanently." He paused, both to let his words sink in and also to think of what else to say. "I was pretty much born in the 21st century, technically speaking, then spent the rest of my childhood bouncing around eras. I ended up in the 52nd century working for one organization, then ran off back to the 21st century to work for SHIELD. And this is just the short version; I can elaborate on more."